Our Family Members

Our Family Members



after she completed her apprenticeship and studies, she applied and honed her skills as a management trainee at the Sonnenalp with the fostering Fässler family. Just like her father and Amerika, it was love at first sight.



after his international education in Events and Marketing in Barcelona, Spain, Joshua also found his love for the hotel and restaurant industry. Along with his sister Alyssa, he will be an integral part in rockingn the Almresi!



a gifted visionary, nothing is impossible for him. Since his very first idea to open a restaurant in America, he has dedicated nearly all of his time and effort in order to make it the best experience possible for the guests.



while running our Facebook and Instagram pages, she is simultaneously completing her education in Marketing and Communication back in Germany. A natural perfectionist , she ensures that she shows viewers the beauty of our dream exactly as we have seen it.



she currently finishing up her high school years. She spent a year in Los Angeles as a foreign exchange student, and fell in love with the country as well as the people. Her exchange family ensured that she had the best time of her life there, and it was truly an extraordinary experience. She is a fountain of calm in our sometimes stressed family. As she often says,”Strenght lies in peace.”



this thrilling life requires well developed organization skills. My family says that I am the person who bring visions to life and I am the commander for everything—and there is nothing more to be said.


What connects us as a family and makes us so similar is our energetic motivation to create new things. We live for contribution beauty where there is already such a positive vibe, and we seek to deliver the best possible service to our guests. We, as family, have put our hearts into building the most beautiful and comfortable place where anyone of any age can kick back, relax, and enjoy a little bit of European tradition.